It was one of those ‘ah ha!’ moments.

One of those moments that can only be understood by those who have ideas that they keep to themselves because there is so much passion and excitement behind it. One of those ‘ah hah!’ ideas that you hold in until you want to burst. That’s what happened with the creative and innovative brains behind Yellowstone Designs, she could not hold it in any longer. A ‘crazy’ inkling had to be shared.

Establishing Yellowstone…

Fast forward 3 months of countless ideas, endless planning, non-stop talking and plenty very early-morning-late-night-24-hour-days of hard-work… Yellowstone was established.

The Concept

Yellowstone came about through the want for and need of creating furniture pieces that were both impeccably made but still attainable to a large variety of customers.

Fearless and Bold…

The team came up with items that are currently seen as premium, and leaped at the opportunity to be fearless and bold with their shapes and colours. From there, 3 key pieces, the Emerald Sofa, the Yellow Diamond Sofa and Orange Diamond sofa were born.

Bespoke Furniture ‘stones’…

Like a group of precious stones, these key pieces became the first little assortment of our bespoke furniture ‘stones’.  By constantly innovating and adding more pieces, the bespoke and interior collection quickly grew to 55 precious ‘stones’ which are sitting patiently in our Parkhurst store to be discovered by you!

At the end of all of this, Yellowstone Design has very quickly become a boutique that offers beautifully unique interiors and bespoke furniture. The brand is led and adorned by a group of innovative creatives, whose purpose is to provide 100% locally manufactured premium and high-end styled interior designs at reasonable prices.

At Yellowstone, we pride ourselves on being dedicated to details, constantly inspired and innovative and ensuring every detail to every finished product presents a bespoke and bold flair.

From our choices in bold shapes, colours and graphic prints of our existing pieces all the way to exclusively customized pieces, the Yellowstone Design group knows exactly what it takes to bring a fresh styled interior to life… they know exactly what it takes to get you to step back and look at a space and say “ah hah!”.

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