If there is one texture that is currently overflowing our Pinterest boards and interior upholstery ‘must-have’ lists, it’s the beautifully woven, tufted and densely piled fabric we all know as Velvet.

Fabrics and upholsteries are often selected based on how their look compliments a room, or how it may feel when you delicately run your fingers over it. Velvet, however, takes upholstery selection to another level as it has the ability to create both a luxurious look AND feel.

Velvet has been used and worn here and there over the past few years. However, nowadays, applying Velvet to interior spaces has grown bigger and brighter than ever before.

Because Velvet has such a soft texture and comes in a variety or amazing colours, it automatically radiates comfort and helps exude an incredibly unique sense of style that promises to give your space an interior that stands out.

Choosing Velvet can be quite intimidating for some, because one might think “How do I apply it to my current/new space?”

The thing about velvet is, it is so versatile, it can either be a statement itself, or it can be used to in accents to complement existing pieces in single spaces.

If you have an existing space and want to incorporate velvet somewhere:

You can include velvet through the placement of some beautiful and soft scatter cushions, or in the form of a gorgeous throw across your bed. What about stool seating, lampshades and small ottomans?

If you have an empty space and want to make velvet a key feature:

If space and furniture requirements allow it, a large velvet sofa, a pleated velvet headboard, an oversized diamond button velvet ottoman or even a collection of modern velvet dining chairs are some of the most sought-after larger trending interior items.

In both instances, you have the option to choose from subtle colours such as gorgeous soft dusty pinks and delicate greys, through to highly saturated royal blue’s, emerald greens and high shine burnt orange. Velvet in all of its glorious colour and texture varieties can truly make a space sing!

Visit the YSD retail store to view our incredible variety of solid velvet sofas, buttoned and pleated ottomans as well as a huge variety of scatters, one of which is made up of both Velvet and leather.

Unsure if this combination works? Pop into our store and come and see for yourself…navy and leather has never looked so good!

Black Diamond Sofa
R16,560.00 Incl. VAT
Diamond ottoman
R9,108.00 Incl. VAT
Obsidian Ottoman
R6,624.00 Incl. VAT

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