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How to apply the Velvet-Trend to your space

If there is one texture that is currently overflowing our Pinterest boards and interior upholstery ‘must-have’ lists, it’s the beautifully woven, tufted and densely piled fabric we all know as Velvet. Fabrics and upholsteries are often selected based on how their look compliments a room, or how it may feel when you delicately run your ... continue reading

How to build your Ultimate Man-Cave

The Man Cave is no longer an unused garage filled with an old TV and PlayStation set and home-made boys bar. Today Man Caves are taken very, very seriously. We’re talking massive recliners,  flat screen TV’s, a Gin bar, a poker table, a pool table, surround sound systems, games and tech… Apart from all of ... continue reading

How to mix and match your scatter cushions

"Why do you need so many cushions?" If we had R1 for every “why do you need so many cushions?” … we would be floating in the Bahama’s on our Yacht sipping Mojito’s. There is no such thing as too many scatters (ok, maybe there is but you know what we mean). So, instead of ... continue reading

The Story of Yellowstone

It was one of those ‘ah ha!’ moments. One of those moments that can only be understood by those who have ideas that they keep to themselves because there is so much passion and excitement behind it. One of those ‘ah hah!’ ideas that you hold in until you want to burst. That’s what happened ... continue reading