About us


Yellowstone Design is a bespoke furniture & Interiors company that is led and adorned by a group of innovative creatives, whose purpose is to provide 100% locally manufactured premium furniture designs at reasonable prices.

Yellowstone came about through the inspiration of creating furniture pieces that were both impeccably made but still attainable to a large variety of customers. We came up with 3 key items that are currently seen as premium, and jumped at the opportunity to be fearless and go bold with their shapes and, in particular, colours. From there, the Emerald Sofa, the Yellow Diamond Sofa and Orange Diamond sofa were born.

Like a group of precious stones, these key pieces became the first little assortment of our bespoke furniture ‘stones’.  By Constantly innovating and adding more pieces, the bespoke and interior collection has grown. We are constantly designing and manufacturing new and exciting bespoke items.

Our Values, Mission & Vision

At Yellowstone, we pride ourselves on the transparent values of being:

YSD Yellowstone Design | About us - Dedicated to Details
Dedicated to Details

From stitching, pleating and buttoning to fully finished products, not a single detail goes unnoticed.

YSD Yellowstone Design | About us - Inspired and Innovative
Inspired and Innovative

Whether it’s from local inspirations or international trends, we are constantly motivated to brainstorm new design ideas and bring unique styled interiors to a client’s space.

YSD Yellowstone Design | About us - Bespoke and Bold
Bespoke and Bold

From our ideas to our interiors, we aren’t afraid of experimenting with shapes, styles, colours and proportions without compromising on premium quality.



From Art Deco, Classic, Modern, Eclectic to Streamlined Contemporary pieces, Yellowstone Design has a magnificent and extensive range of furniture styles and pieces to suit a wide spectrum of tastes and flares.

Although the inspiration for each piece comes from a specific design period, or even a combination of a few, the way each item is manufactured and fabrics are selected allows multiple pieces to be mixed and matched in a way that they consistently work together, no matter the placement.

Yellowstone Design is determined to help people understand that they don’t need to get a new collection of furniture – but they can, in fact, choose a key piece or element that can be used to in conjunction with their existing pieces. We love helping clients pull together pieces that one typically wouldn’t think of.

From bold shapes, colours and graphic prints of our catalogue pieces all the way to exclusively customized pieces, Yellowstone Design knows exactly what it takes to bring a fresh styled interior to life.